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Today’s topic — Math Olympiad Winners by Country — So What? Who Cares? Who Should?

Does the quality of math education matter? Is success at the Math Olympiad a good measure of the quality of math education in a country? If not, what is? What are the global best practices in math education? Experts — please chime in. Correct, elaborate, elucidate.

ABSOLUTE MEDAL COUNTS: not adjusted for number of appearances

1. Gold: China (168), USA (137), Russia (106), South Korea (86), Hungary (85), Romania (78), Soviet Union (77), Vietnam (65), Bulgaria (55), Germany (53)

2. Silver: Hungary (168), Romania (149), Bulgaria (123), US (117), Vietnam (111), Germany (105), South Korea (74), Soviet Union (67), Russia (62), China (36).

3. Bronze: Bulgaria (114), Romania (110), Hungary (107). Germany (83), Vietnam (78), Soviet Union (45), USA (29), South Korea (28), Russia (12), China (6).

NB: The International Math Olympiad began in 1959 and only three countries participated: Romania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. Poland joined in 1961, the Soviet Union in 1962, Yugoslavia in 1963, East Germany in 1966, the UK in 1967, the US in 1974, China in 1985….


1. Romania (62), Bulgaria (62), Hungary (61).

2. USA (47), Vietnam (45), Germany (44), Russia (30) Soviet Union (29)

3. China (36), Russia (30), Soviet Union (29)


(see photo above for US team)

1. The US team tied China for first place.

2. US team members: Vincent Huang (a returning member from 2017 and 2018), Luke Robitaille, Colin Tang, Edward Wan, Brandon Wang and Daniel Zhu also won gold medals for their individual high scores.”

2. “The U.S. team is coached by Carnegie Mellon University Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences Po-Shen Loh. Under Loh’s leadership, the team also placed first at the IMO in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

List of countries by medal count at International Mathematical Olympiad

International Mathematical Olympiad

Top 20 Country by International Mathematical Olympiad Gold Medal (1959–2019)

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Please share the coolest thing you learned this week related to math, statistics, or numbers in general. Or, even better, the coolest or most important thing you learned in your life related to math.

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