Thinking Citizen Blog — The Georgia Republican Primary — A Big Deal?

Thinking Citizen Blog — Sunday is Political Process, Campaign Strategy, and Candidate Selection Day

Today’s Topic: The Georgia Republican Primary — A Big Deal?

According the Brookings Institution, “Party primaries are now the most consequential elections

in American politics. With more and more states and congressional districts becoming dominated

by one party or the other, the most consequential choices for voters come in party primaries.”

Which of the May primaries, Republican and Democratic have most significance? What upcoming

ones are most worth attention? Experts — please chime in. Correct, elaborate, elucidate.


1. The recent Republican primary in Georgia seems particularly consequential. “The Peach State’s incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp walloped former Sen. David Perdue 74% to 22% despite Mr. Perdue’s endorsement from former President Donald Trump, backed with $3.1 million from his PAC.” (first link below)

2. “In a huge turnout, Mr. Kemp carried all the state’s 159 counties, even taking Mr. Perdue’s home county of Glynn by 40 points.”

3. Is the overall takeaway that “Donald Trump pointlessly wasted his political capital. May was the worst month for Trump’s endorsement record since he entered politics seven years ago.” (second link below)


1. “With some scattered votes to be tallied, GOP turnout is 1,196,065 and Democratic turnout 717,433 .” (first link below)

2. “While Democratic turnout increased 30% over the last midterm in 2018, Republican turnout increased 96% over 2018 and there were 66% more GOP voters than Democrats this year.” (ditto)

3. “Republicans didn’t double their turnout in other states, but they improved more than Democrats compared with the last midterm primary. In Arkansas, where both 2018 and 2022 featured uncompetitive GOP gubernatorial primaries, statewide GOP turnout rose from a bit under 210,000 to slightly under 350,000. Democratic turnout dropped, from about 108,000 to under 95,000. Arkansas Democrats, who controlled most statewide offices just 12 years ago, have not found their bottom yet.” (second link below)

THE JUNE PRIMARY ELECTION CALENDAR — are you focusing on any one in particular? why?

1. June 7: California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico New Jersey, South Dakota

2. June 14: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina

3. June 21: Virginia

NB: June 28: Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Utah

Opinion | How to Win Without Trump — or Biden

Analysis | The Trailer: Establishment wins, surging turnout and burning Bushes: Takeaways from this week’s primaries

2022 Midterm Primary Election Calendar

Brian Kemp — Wikipedia

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#1 A graphic guide to justice (9 metaphors on one page).

#2 “39 Songs, Prayers, and Poems: the Keys to the Hearts of Seven Billion People” — Adams House Senior Common Room Presentation, 11/17/20


Please share the coolest thing you learned in the last week related to political process or campaign strategy or 2020 candidate selection or anything else for that matter.

This is your chance to make some one else’s day or change their thinking. Or to consolidate in your own memory something worth remembering that might otherwise be lost. Or to clarify or deepen your own understanding of something dear to your heart. Continuity is key to depth of thought.



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