Thinking Citizen Blog — Seniors versus Non-Seniors

  1. 80% of US Covid-19 casualties over the age of 65.
  2. “Americans over 85 are about 2.75 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those 75 to 84, seven times more likely than those 65 to 74 and 16.8 times more than those 55 to 64.”
  3. “individuals under age 65 accounted for 4.8% to 9.3% of all Covid-19 deaths in 10 European countries and 7.8% to 23.9% in 12 U.S. locations.”
  1. “Most people over age 65 who are in generally good health are unlikely to die or get severely ill from Covid-19.”
  2. “Data from Spain’s national antibody study show that about 92% of those infected from ages 60 to 79 have mild or no symptoms, and only about 6% are hospitalized.”
  3. “Three-quarters of people older than 90 have mild or no symptoms and fewer than 10% die.”
  1. “Governments can keep down health-care utilization even while letting their economies mostly reopen by protecting vulnerable seniors — for instance, by allocating more protective equipment to nursing homes and frequently testing workers.”
  2. “This is what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been doing, and the Sunshine State last month had about a third as many new hospitalizations per capita as New York, which remained mostly shut down.”
  3. “Lifting lockdowns doesn’t have to result in a repeat of the March rampages through nursing homes.”



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John Muresianu

John Muresianu

Passionate about education, thinking citizenship, and art.